Innovabed Contract Bedding believes in the perfect balance between quality, price and life cycle durability. No product or service will be interesting for owners to buy, if it’s not offering the triangle of these 3 elements in perfect harmony with each other.

This balance will justify the investment in that particular product or service, at that particular moment in time and will be the bases for the best return in investment possible – in terms of money, guest experience and employee satisfaction.

We also believe that the need for a minimal carbon footprint possible is a responsability we all need to endeavour, in order to secure environmental sustainability and the highest efforts to guarantee a better world for our children,  today and tomorrow.

These four essential aspects will provide the added value each investor and producer is looking for and form the true bases for long term partnership, mutual respect and success.

It is very clear this therefor must be the focus of Innovabed to excell in, through constant innovation and product development adapting our range to the customers needs : since markets may change any moment and available budgets may differ from time to time, but the need for a balanced product stays.