Innovabed is aware of the responsability we all have to minimise waste, maximise recycling and conserve resources. “Total Life Cycle” is the Innovabed environmental driver and wherever appropriate, recyclable materials and packaging is used.

Also we expect our production partners to act likewise, striving for the maximum in environmental and social responsability, based on mutual respect to our fellow citizen, nature and resources.

It all starts by using as little as possible paper in the office, reduction of waisteful packaging and use of carbon resources by maximise the use of green energy in our factories and is without end when it comes to our obligation to investigate and find any other ways of contributing to this cause.

Innovabed has committed itself to produce healthy products for customers and environment.

The use of parts and materials are sourced with partners that are committed to that same ideal : to create a carbon footprint as small as possible, to endeavour a production process that needs a minimum of energy and to use the natural resources of green and environment friendly energy as much as possible.

We therefore have chosen partners that have invested in solar and other sustainable energy, cradle-to-cradle production and minimum waste cycles and under the international certification of international bodies like ISO, TUV, OKO, IMO and MED.

Innovabed Contract Bedding is constantly in search of new innovation in the field of environment friendly materials and textiles, foams and other resources that secure the environment and its inhabitants as much as possible.

Let’s save our planet for the next generations !