Bed Protection

Are you aware that almost 75% of all mattresses do not reach their full life cycle and are replaced earlier because of soiling, stains, poor hygiene and bed bugs ?

This waste of money, resources and the environment is surely recognized by each professional in the international hospitality industry.

With just a small investment, the hygiene of guests and the return on investment can be optimalised and our precious environment will be less harmed.

Innovabed Contract Bedding offers a great collection of unique mattress protectors for daily professional use in the hospitality industry.

Stretchable, Waterproof, Breathable, Soft, Hypo-allergenic and Flame-retardant in natural or synthetic fabrics which feel soft and clean on the touch.

Available in fitted sheet or full encasements models, these mattress and pillow protectors will guarantee that each of your guests experience a hygienic, safe and comfortable night’s sleep.

The patented combination of the fibre properties: natural origin, softness, moisture management and skin friendliness in a knitted stretch jersey structure laminated with a waterproof, breathable and unnoticeable polyurethane membrane.and high frequent washable


The textile surface of the product is natural cellulose fibre, coming from wood. This fibre is by nature pure and not burdened with pesticides or other agricultural chemicals and comes entirely from FSC forests which land cannot be used for other agriculture purposes.

Another advantage is the eco-friendly process, produced in a closed loop, where 99,70% of the products used are recovered and do not stay in the fibres. The manufacturing process has an extremely low impact on the human environment when it is produced which has even been awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the EU.

It has been tested according to Oeko-tex Standard 100, achieving class I product category and therefore meeting the human-ecological requirements presently established for baby articles.

Waterproof & Breathable

Waterproof with at least 5m water column according to UNE EN 20811.

The waterproofness of its polyurethane membrane allows mattress and pillow protection against liquid spillage, stains, bacteria and allergens.

Breathable with at least 1000 gr/m2 day breathability according to BS7209.

It is also breathable, with a moisture vapour transmission (molecular diffusion caused by different levels of humidity in either side of the membrane) that helps to reduce heat and humidity and helps the sleep process.

Climate Control

The fabric naturally absorbs moisture and quickly releases it again. This property guarantees a pleasantly dry sleeping climate.

In the bed environment, moisture transport is determined by the climate in the room. It also has the ability to absorb moisture when the air humidity rises; it is 50% higher moisture absorption than other fibres.


Our product is stretchable, with over 85% elastic recovery on both fabric directions according to UNE EN 15977.

It is specifically engineered to provide a higher level of elasticity and allows the sleeper’s body immersion into the supporting surface of mattress and pillows, recovering its original dimensions once the load of the sleeper is removed.

A comfortable mattress or pillow is equally comfortable; we can proudly say that our product is unnoticeable!

Humidity Control

High humidity = less comfort and less hygiene (moisture attracts dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs, mould and mildew).

How does this fabric work? Absorption and diffusion helps to remove and disperse moisture, maintaining a dry, cool and comfortable sleep.

Botanic Fibers

The fabric comes from nature, exclusively from sustainable forest plantations. Contains no pesticides or agricultural chemicals.

The production process is characterized by its responsibility towards the environment. As for example, the water consumption during the production of it consumes only 1% of the water quantity used to grow conventional cotton.

Relaxed sleep

The properties of the fabric make possible to enjoy a relaxing sleep. Beds are more or less electrostatically charged depending on the moisture content of the materials in it and their electrical conductivity. It prevents the build up static charge and, therefore, prevents the uncomfortable shocks that come with it.

This amazing property allows for better sleep and absolute relaxation, allowing muscles to fully rest during the sleep time.

Hypoallergenic & Natural Product

The fibres contained in the product surface are 100% biobased natural fibres derived from wood, being exceptionally pure and not burdened with pesticides or other agricultural chemicals, as well as produced in an eco-friendly production.

For sensitive skin

The exceptionally smooth fibre surface is found to be extremely pleasant on the skin, preventing irritations and is particularly cool to the touch and soft on skin.

Bed Bugs – Dust Mites – Allergens

Due to excellent moisture absorption mould and mites development is prevented. A dry sleeping area prohibits water condensation, which makes the formation of mould impossible, as well as a drastically declines the concentration of mites.

Mattress encasements used as a prevention system against bed bugs infestations, as well as dust mites, bacteria and fungi issues.

Easy Care – Washable and tumble dryable

Our products can be washed up to 95ºC and tumble dried low-medium heat. We have tested 100 washing-drying cycles and the product maintained all its original characteristics.