Cruise Bed Protection flame retardant

Our collection is the new generation of flame-retardant technical textiles, specially conceived for bedding products. The textile is FR and made of cellulose fibers. The fabric structure is a knitted Jersey laminated with a flame-retardant polyurethane membrane. Our products consist of the first natural textile fabric in the market that unites flame-retardancy, waterproofness, stretchability and breathability.

Natural FR

The textile surface of the product is natural cellulose, coming from wood, and therefore 100% biobased. Moreover, and differing with common products in the market, it does not contain harmful chemicals and has been tested according to Oeko-tex Standard 100, achieving class I product category and therefore meeting the human-ecological requirements presently established for baby articles.

Flame retardant

The fabric used is inherently flame-retardant and self-extinguishing and it does not melt or form droplets. After burning, a carbonized layer occurs, acting as a shield to prevent the further spread of the fire and ignition of the mattress/pillow.

As lots of countries and regions have highly specific and strict fire regulations for large facilities and residential buildings our products are recognized internationally:

* Standard UNE- ISO 12952 – Burning Behaviour items.
* Standard BS7175 up to crib 7. Furniture. Assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bed bases.
* IMO part 9. Bedding components fire test to Marine Equipment.
* CFR Title 16 Part 1632. Flammability of mattresses and mattress pads.

  • BS7175 up to CRIB 7

  • EN597

  • ISO12952

  • IMO Part 9

  • CFR Title 16 Part 1632

Inherent Flame Retardant Solution

Our products offer an inherent flame-retardant solution as opposed to usual surface FR chemical finishes, which also translates into a wash-resistant fire resistance, and after 50 washing-drying cycles at 92ºC according ISO 6330 the product keeps its FR properties intact.

Waterproof & Breathable

Our products are waterproof with at least 700 cm water column according to UNE EN 20811. The waterproofness of its polyurethane membrane allows mattress and pillow protection against liquid spillage, stains, bacteria and allergens.

Our products are breathable as well with at least 200 gr/m2·day breathability according to BS7209. It is also breathable, with a moisture vapour transmission (molecular diffusion caused by enhances different levels of humidity in either side of the membrane) that helps to reduce heat and humidity and entances the sleep process.

Climate Control

The importance of climate and its impact on people’s quality of sleep is paramount.

The fibre composition provides an environment where the sleeper’s body stays in a thermo-neutral zone. Why? Thanks to the moisture management of these fibers, that equally absorb moisture in a controlled manner and release it, providing a dry and comfortable environment.

Humidity Control

High humidity = less comfort and less hygiene (moisture attracts dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs, mould and mildew). How does it work? Absorption and diffusion helps to remove and disperse moisture, maintaining a dry, cool and comfortable sleep.


Our fabric is stretchable with over 85% elastic recovery on both fabric directions according to UNE EN 15977.

It is specifically engineered to provide a higher level of elasticity and allows the sleeper’s body immersion into the supporting surface of mattress and pillows, recovering its original shape once the load is removed. A comfortable mattress or pillow is equally comfortable, we can proudly say that our products are unnoticeable!


The fibres in the product surface are natural fibres derived from wood. Both are exceptionally pure and not burdened with pesticides or other agricultural chemicals, as well as produced in an eco-friendly production.

The smooth textile surface is found extremely pleasant on the skin, even highly recommended for the sensitive ones. Due to the past and even very recent history toxicity problems with fire-retardant materials, consumers might be concerned about the presence of those in products. This is definitely not the case for our bed protection products being even a product suitable for babies use (Oeko-tex Standard 100 class I).

Botanic fibers

The fabrics come from Nature, exclusively from sustainable forest plantations. The production process is characterized by its responsibility towards the environment. As for example the water consumption during the production consumes only 1% of the water quantity used to grow conventional cotton.

Bed bugs – Dust mites – Allergens

Our collection of mattress encasements are used as a prevention system against bedbugs infestations, as well as dust mites, bacteria and fungi issues.

Easycare washable and tumble dryable

Our products can be washed up to 95ºC and tumble dried low-medium heat. We have tested 50 washing-drying cycles and the product maintains all its characteristics, included the fire retardant ones intact.

Our collection consists of a unique fabric with Natural surface, high Flame-retardant properties, Stretchable, Soft, Hypoallergenic, to be transformed into fitted sheets, encasements, pillow and mattress protectors and it will be able to ensure that each guest has a safe and comfortable night’s sleep.